• Lunula Laser Nail Therapy

    Lunula Laser Nail Therapy

    Did you know? More than 10% of the population have nails that have been damaged by fungal infections? My Foot Clinic is one of the two clinics...

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  • General


    Corns and Calluses Corns and calluses are your body's response to friction or pressure against the skin. If your foot rubs inside your shoe, the affected area...

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  • Orthotics in Reservoir

    Orthotics in Reservoir

    What are foot orthoses? Foot orthoses are shoe inserts designed to support, align, or improve the function of the foot. They are also often commonly referred to...

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  • Reservoir Sports Podiatry Services

    Reservoir Sports Podiatry Services

    Any sport which involves walking, running, standing or jumping places higher physical demands on our body than normal day to day activities. An example of the stress...

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  • Shockwave Therapy

    Shockwave Therapy

    Ask about our NON- Invasive treatment for chronic Heel Pain 25 minute procedure Zero to few days recovery Return to normal activities Shock wave therapy is the...

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  • Children


    Having strong, healthy feet allows your child to walk, run and play. If your child's feet form correctly, certain types of back and leg pain can be...

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  • Paraffin Wax Bath Therapy

    Paraffin Wax Bath Therapy

    Paraffin wax therapy is a common option in heat therapy treatments for people with arthritis or other rheumatic diseases. The heat helps increase blood flow and relax...

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