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Nail Surgery

Nail surgical procedures are performed to treat recurrent nail problems such as ingrown toe nails Toenails of people of all ages can undergo a range of changes, some of which are relatively common. They can become thick, brittle, curved, discoloured, infected, clubbed, bumpy and grooved. In some cases, the nail falls off and a new…
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Dry Needling/Acupressure to Relieve Chronic Pain in Reservoir

Dry needling is the use of fine filament needles for therapy of muscle pain. It involves multiple advances of a needle into the muscle in the region of a "Trigger Point'. The aim of Dry Needling is to achieve a local twitch response to release muscle tension and pain. Dry needling is an effective treatment…
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Diabetes and your feet Your feet are supplied with blood to keep them healthy. They also have a multitude of nerves that act as an emergency warning system. For example, if you have a stone in your shoe, nerves will send a message to your brain to investigate. However, if your diabetes is poorly controlled…
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