Diabetes and your feet

Your feet are supplied with blood to keep them healthy. They also have a multitude of nerves that act as an emergency warning system. For example, if you have a stone in your shoe, nerves will send a message to your brain to investigate.
However, if your diabetes is poorly controlled for a long period of time, this may lead to:

  • nerve damage, or ‘peripheral neuropathy’, which impairs sensation to the feet, and/or
  • reduced blood supply, also known as ‘poor circulation’.

How can I detect any changes early?

An assessment will help to detect any changes early – before they become a problem.
In an assessment, your podiatrist will examine your circulation by performing a doppler assessment on your foot pulses. They will also examine sensation by testing reflexes, vibration and pressure sensitivity.
Your podiatrist will also look for general foot conditions which may lead to future problems. They will work with you to show you how to monitor your own feet.

To Prevent Problems

  • Protect your feet from injury
  • Inspect your feet every day (your podiatrist can show you how)
  • See your podiatrist immediately if something is not healing.

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