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A fungal toe nail infection (Onychomycosis) is a common foot condition that we see in the clinic. It can present in both the nail plate and nail bed beneath the plate. The fungi can attack the nail and survive by ingesting the protein structures that make up the nail, known as keratin. When the fungus starts to take over the large sections of the nail plate it may become thicker , yellowish -brown or darker and even odorous. The team at My Foot Clinic can outline a personal treatment regime which may include the Lunula Cold Laser Therapy.

Your toddler will walk when he or she is ready. Try not to force the issue. Instead, watch your child’s gait once he or she does begin to walk. Does the toe touch down instead of the heel? Does your child always sit while others play actively? Does your child walk in-toed, flat-footed or bow legged? If so consult your podiatrist.

During a foot examination, your podiatrist will watch your toddler walk. If a gait problem exists, your podiatrist works to identify its cause. To help with flat feet, special shoes or custom made shoe inserts may be prescribed. To correct mild toeing-in, your toddler may need to sit in a different position while playing or watching TV. If your child’s feet turn in or out, corrective shoes, splints or night braces may be prescribed. Wearing these devices can help the foot as it grows.

The foot’s bone structure is well-formed by the time your child reaches age 7 or 8, but if a growth plate (the area where bone growth begins) is injured, the damaged plate may cause the bone to grow oddly. With a podiatrist’ care, however, the risk of future bone problems is reduced.

If an injury is mild, your child probably will not remember it for very long. If your child keeps complaining of pain, have the injury checked by a podiatrist. Also, call your physician anytime an injury causes serious swelling, localised tenderness, limping or ongoing night pain.

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