Onyfix Nail Correction System

Onyfix is a pain free and safe nail correction system for ingrowing, curved, and split toenails. Onyfix provides a conservative solution for patients who may not be suitable for an ingrown toenail surgery.
It involves the applications of a pain free composite to the base of the nail which acts as a brace and allows for the nail to realign and naturally grow out in the correct position over several months.


• Your ingrown/curved toenail is filed and a primer is applied on the base of the toenail by experience podiatrist
• The toenail is placed under an LED light to harden the primer which will act as the onyfix brace
• The onyfix brace will be on your toenail for 2-3 months to help realign and guide your toenail to the correct shape
• Additional applications may be applied during this time to ensure the best outcome
• We recommend schedule reviews every 6 weeks
• Once the procedure is complete, the podiatrist will remove the brace allowing your toenail to continue to grow naturally


• Pain free
• Safe, no surgical incisions or metal brace used in procedure
• Hypoallergenic
• Natural growth process
• Nail polish can be applied over the top
• Return to sport and activity immediately after application
• Can get wet following application
• Natural growth process
• Suitable for diabetics and immune compromised patients
• Suitable for pregnant or lactating woman
• Evidence based