The Podiatrists at My Clinic aim to deliver exceptional Podiatric treatment of all your skin and nail conditions of your feet! As Podiatrists we are qualified to treat a wide variety of of skin and nail problems, the most common being corns and callouses. Treating tissue build up such as corns and callouses require the careful use of a surgical blade to debride the area.

Thickened nails are also another common problem we encounter. Thickened nails are usually the result of injury to the nail bed, such as tight footwear, or such as dropping something heavy on your toes. They can easily and painlessly be thinned down by your podiatrist.

Fungal infections are often characterised by thickening, discolouration and separation of the front of the nail from the nail bed. In some cases the nail crumbles. These infections tend to stay in the nail if they are not treated and can infect the nail bed. There are a range of topical anti fungal treatments and oral medications in which your podiatrist can recommend for you.

Other infections can be inflammation of the matrix (onychia) and inflammation of the tissue adjacent to the nail (paronychia). Your podiatrist can detect such infections early and form a suitable treatment plan.


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